~ And the Faith Lives On! ~
      Praise God!
      Aggie Awakening 100 Reunion and Conference had hundreds of former Aggie Awakening retreatants and their families for a spiritual-filled and fun-filled weekend!
      MBOC Yarn
      Wrapped up, tied up, tangled all up in Jesus
      Rector's breakfast
      AA Group Photo
      Arrived as strangers -- departed as an Awakening family.
      AA 49
      Aggies having fun during AA 49
      AA 52
      AA 52 leadership team lets its hair down
      Gig 'em
      Over 10,000 people have attended Aggie Awakening through the years
      Rest in Christ!
      Fr. Keith and Fr. Mike enjoy a minute of rest.
      Those Aggie Awakening family trees sure do get confusing!
      Thousands have made life-long friends through Awakening
      Other Awakening Programs
      Dozens of Awakening programs across the country have been started by Aggie Catholics
    • Not only does the Faith live on, it is FLOURISHING!
      Stay tuned in to this website in the near future for videos, audio, pictures, presentations, and other recordings of our wonderful events at the AA 100 Reunion and Conference: And the Faith Lives On!

      We thank God for a great experience, all who came to attend and present, all those who worked so hard to pull this off, and to all the following companies/families for their tremendous donation of 
      services, goods, and funds to make Aggie Awakening 100 Reunion and Conference a special and affordable event:

      Collaborative Catholic Formation Ministries (CCFM)
      Ray and Patty Hannigan
      eCatholic websites
      In Touch Fertility Care Services
      Santa Clara Design
      Downtown Event Services
    • History

      Awakening had its birth in 1974 at McNeese State University in Lake Charles. The chaplain at the time, Sam Jacobs, along with his colleagues felt the need for a different kind of retreat. In the words of Chaplain Jacobs “…we felt we had to first provide them with a ‘conversion’ experience before a ‘catechesis’ experience.” This new retreat was modeled after the Cursillo and the Search retreats, two retreats Jacobs and his team were familiar with. From the beginning, Awakening was aimed at giving the participants an experience of God’s love and an encounter with Christ. 

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    • Aggie Awakening Impact
      Did Aggie Awakening lead you
      • to the Catholic Church?
      • back to the Catholic Church?
      • to your spouse?
      • to your religious vocation?
      • to a deeper love of Christ?

      We would like to hear your story on how Aggie Awakening made an impact on your life. Please contact Kristy Larkin.